Aug 10, 2010

Brief History on Motorcycle Helmets

The industrial designer and engineer Gottlieb Daimler, who also invented the first gasoline engine at high speed, four-wheel drive car, and invented the first motorcycle helmet the first time in 1885. This helmet "was a leather cap with fur lining offers little real protection.

As technology advances and engineering has increased and the design of the motorcycle modified to incorporate a greater emphasis on speed, the number of accidents and fatalities has also increased. The original homestead was not designed to contain the high-speed impacts.

Then CF Lombard, a helmet at the University of Southern California, Professor designed and tested the strength to resist and absorb the impact of a high speed crash while protecting the user. The integrated helmet with a hard outer shell to absorb impact and spread of an accident, but also a padded layer for comfort.

After the introduction of this patented headphone market many organizations, including government agencies in the organization recognized the need for security protection. The result of the introduction of mandatory helmet laws in the United States since 1966. The regulation was adopted rapidly in many other countries around the world, including the United Kingdom.

Since the initial development of these helmets, and much has been achieved, both in the design of protective head wear, but also the material used for their production. The design changes include the hull shape, weight and screws used to secure.

Modern helmets now have to pass stringent safety tests. Bikes available on the market are becoming increasingly powerful means to protect these super bikes is also growing. There are many styles of helmets available on the market today to helmets, helmets for three quarters, and half helmets.

The emphasis on safety in recent years has led many manufacturers have introduced other lines of protecting their beaches. Bikers now always wear a helmet, but also rely more on other types of protective clothing such as boots, pants and Alpinestars motorcycle jackets.

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